Take Care of Your Big Ole Sweetie

Senior Kong Dog ToyYour dog is of great importance to you. It is in one way a pet and on the other way a security to your home.

It thus has the capability of deterring thieves from your home. In order to have a well-nourished and healthy dog, its food is very important.

The proper health of your dog begins at its young age. It carries on during the life of your dog.

Different problems are associated with your pet as they age. The major and risky problem is that of the teeth. Your dog as it grows older requires great attention in taking care of its teeth. 

For this reason is the introduction of Kong senior dog toy. These are rather indestructible toys for your aging pet.  It is specially made with a long lasting SFNR.

This Senior Formula Natural Rubber plays an important ingredient as far as the teeth and gums are concerned.

It is recommended for use with the Kong senior treats.

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